Horse R & R

Rescue and Retirement

Many facilities have an attractive pricing with monthly rates of about $200.00.​

This usually buys a place in a pasture with every other service being billed separately (supplemental hay, senior rations, mashes, worming, immunizations, dental care, foot care, and special supplements). Any vet services, blanketing, and grooming may again be billed separately.

An alternative approach may be a package setup for regular care included at various levels of service.

For example, pasture plus supplemental hay in fall and winter months:

  • Pasture plus supplemental hay plus immunizations and foot care
  • Pasture plus supplemental hay , immunizations, foot care plus required supplements (packs range from $23.95 to $55.95/month)

All our horses must be regularly wormed to be in pasture.

Hi Chap Farm Package Pricing