Horse R & R

Rescue and Retirement

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The Future of Hi Chap Farm

The president is on site as well as the VP and his family. All provide excellent eyes-on and hands-on supervision. Future equine/child interactions as tolerated will contribute to the growth of the next human generation and satisfy the needs of this equine generation.

A rescue foundation has been established on site for horse rescue work-by vet referral and by wild horse needs.​

Hi Chap Foundation

This Foundation is organized exclusively per Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.

Equine Rescue
Injury, hunger, abandonment, overpopulation, loss of range are only several of the issues horses in need of help face in their battle for mere survival. Vet referral helps ensure the rescue can be safely added to the farm.

The rescue horse needs medical, nutritional, and behavioral rehabilitation prior to training for adoption to a forever home.

The wild horse and herd needs a safe and secure home for a lifetime of running free with minimal interference beyond  constant fresh water, good fences ,supplemental feeding in winter and  vet care for a severe emergency.

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