Horse R & R

Rescue and Retirement

Who is the retirement horse?

The retirement horse is the owner's long term pasture boarder under the care and custody of Hi Chap Farm, LLC.

Illness, injury, age, type of work and success in that work are a number of the factors that determine when a horse is ready for retirement. Additional items might include the owner's own circumstances including their interests, age, illness, living circumstances, etc.

If your horse has a debilitating injury or has had an illness that has left him/her unsound, then you should talk with your veterinary specialists to determine if the ranch can provide the appropriate care your animal. For example, if the animal is blind, does he have a needed friend to lead him or will he accept an alternate pasture buddy?


Special needs of the Senior


Types of feed and supplements


Housing and Pasture 

If your horse is older, there are a number of special considerations that are not usually addressed at the typical barn including:

The Retirement Horse